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What type of property insurance do I need?

What type of property insurance do you need?  Whether Home, Business, Landlord, Farm, or Other, this process will help direct you to the correct place.  Please keep in mind that this solution wizard as a question tree for easy navigation. Consider it a rough guide and no substitute for talking to the insurance agents and brokers at DRickard Insurance.  Let’s get started.

Is the property to be insured your primary, secondary, or seasonal residence?

                Yes – You need a personal insurance product.

                No – You need Income Property Insurance or a business insurance product.

Our “What do I need?” wizard is designed for general guidance only and not a substitute for consultation with a licensed insurance agent or broker at DRickard Insurance.  They may be contacted at 607-843-8860 or  All policies must comply with individual insurer’s underwriting standard to be eligible for their insurance products.  Not all terms used are available with all insurers.  None of the information is to be considered an offer or description of coverage.  All of our web pages are for general guidance only, no information contained is contractual.  You must consider your individual policies carefully.

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